Playing Where’s Waldo with elm samaras

I’m not 1000% certain these are elm fruits (samaras), but I’m pretty sure. They’re all over the woods right now. Did I say “they”? Maybe I meant “it.” Maybe I’m taking pictures of the same one, over and over again.



3. On one of the big old shelf fungi that I took pictures of a few weeks back

4. I found a bunch of bunches of samaras. Actually, no, I just found two or three.

5. On pin oak and cottonwood leaves

6. On more cottonwood leaves and on these stems that I really like because of their soft pinkish colors and diamond-shaped black marks.

8. In some of the last water remaining in the little temporary meltstream

9. On a section of wound-up barbed wire fence that in theory delineates our land from the neighbors'. In theory.



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