March 27th pictures

1. Anyone know what this is? Besides a bug on a leaf. I figured that part out.

2. Trout lily

3. This is the rare clam hands tree. Or no it isn't. I don't know what it is.


5. I love the color of these new leaves.

6. I believe this is brand spankin' new wood nettle. I like the little hairs on the leaves and stem. They're not as irritating as stinging nettle.

7. This is the female flower of cottonwood with some cottonwoods in the background, appropriately enough.

8. I don't know what these are; I think I did at one point but I've forgotten.

9. I think this is a new wood nettle plant as well, with a little stowaway.

10. I had the good luck of stumbling across this butterfly, which seems to match pictures I found of something called the comma. Not the punctuation mark but the butterfly. Unfortunately I didn't get clearer pictures closer than this; when I dared to move in a little more it of course took off.

11. Shelf fungus

12. Moss sporophytes

13. I love the curviness of these limbs and the woody vines weaving in and out of them.

14. This red little bud and the top of the stem from which it's protruding make me think of a tipsy little clown in a pointy red hat.


16. I thought this was a pretty view of the river.


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