March 28th pictures

Pictures from the woods this morning.

1. Wild ginger

2. This is what the woods look like when you get to the bottom of the ravine; you can see the little path we have veering to the left

3. Bloodroot leaf

4. Dew on false rue anemone leaves

5. Dutchman's breeches flowers

6. I like how thick and verdant all the wildflowers are getting on the floor of the woods; I also thought it was neat how the few taller false rue anemones kind of jumped out against the shadow cast by this fallen log

7. Not sure what this old seedhead is but I like it

8. A little stand of trees that I happen to like very much

9. The sun coming up over the opposite riverbank

10. Box elder flowers

11. Grass growing in the mud by the river

12. This dark tree facing south is too far away; it's hard to get a picture of it. I really like it though.

13. Waves rippling against the sandbar in the middle of the river.

14. It's nice to see the trees getting noticeably greener.

15. Little plant with nice foliage by the side of the river.

16. More box elder flowers

17. Shelf fungi

18. One of the trees with new reddish-green foliage that I like ever so much

19. This is the only tree I've seen on our land (okay technically this one part here is not our land but whatever) that has galls like this. I found a website website after Googling "tree gall" featuring a picture that looks rather similar to the tree in our woods. The fungus Phomopsis might be the culprit.


12 thoughts on “March 28th pictures

  1. I love these, Sarah! Today must have been a gorgeous day. #9 takes my breath away. It’s as if the sun sped down to the water and made a magic splash. Thank you!

    • Thanks! And sorry i missed this question — I’ve been really bad at about responding to comments lately, but I’ve tried to at least get to the questions — but no, I don’t have a macro lens, just using a compact camera until I can afford a DSLR.

  2. The beam of light “splashing” into the water. Nice start to the day. And the last one — I love angles on trees looking up. So grand.

    They’re all good, Sarah. Always are. Thanks for sharing the beauty of nature with us.

  3. Nice to see the leaves growing, and Spring asserting itself; but the trees are more interesting for photos when bare, don’t you think? You can see all the patterns.

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