March 29th pictures

These pictures were all taken along a bike trail a few miles away from our house.

1. I think this may be Prunus tomentosa (Nanking cherry). It was just this dinky, skinny little tree I saw back a few feet from the trail, and at a distance so that I couldn't tell that the white all over it was actually flowers. (I thought it was leaves that were attacked by mildew or something. I wasn't expecting any of the apples or cherries or plums or whatever to be flowering already.)

2. Trillium

3. I think this is round-lobed hepatica

4. More round-lobed hepatica (I thiiiink)

5. Pin oak leaf

6. Inside of some bark that has galleries that look like the ones made by the beetles that vector the fungus that causes Dutch elm disease. Dun dun?

7. Round-lobed hepatica

8. Pretty flower on some kind of grass

9. Unsure

10. Unsure

11. Dutchman's breeches -- much pinker a tone to the flowers than the ones in our woods

12. Unsure

13. Strobilus of horsetail

14. Biking back home I passed this house that I've always liked. It must have an incredible view of the river valley below.


8 thoughts on “March 29th pictures

  1. I particularly like the first six: the differential focusing in #1; the control of tones in #2;he use of light in #4 and#5; the capturing of texture in #6.

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