March 30th pictures
















26 thoughts on “March 30th pictures

  1. Nice, Finely Detailed Photographs, I really like how you did the close up on these subjects as I can really see the simplicity/beauty of it. Something that I may not of seen in person or paid attention to in person perhaps = )

  2. What the heck is that red bug in # 6 ??? Very cool. Nice, clean, crisp photos.
    Also love the insect trails in # 2 and # 3, and the lovely green moss in # 8.

      • Thanks, Shannon! I think you’re absolutely right there on the spider mite. And they are beautiful, if a little freaky. (Actually, they’re so small they don’t bother me at all. Except for one I found the other day that was at least three or four times bigger than the little bitty ones I’m used to. I mean, it’s still very small, but it’s still a little gross-looking for this arachnophobe.)

          • They can. Although for me, eight legs is the magic number, regardless of whether they’re close up or not….. Granted, there are some insects that bother me a little (most of them I think are amazingly beautiful when you see the detail), but the spiders always set me on edge. On the other hand, when I’m in a more objective, detached mood, I can admit that they’re rather beautiful themselves.

            • Shame that people have this phobia…I do not. My latest post has a link to my critters album. There are a couple of spiders in it. The orb spider is my fav, they get very big. We found a large wolf spider once with a bunch of babies on her back, but I didn’t have my camera. Drat! That was amazing.

    • I’m pretty sure Shannon was right with her ID (spider mite). They’re funky little creatures.
      Thank you! I am finding a lot of interesting insect galleries lately.

  3. #6 has the morphology of a tick, but it appears to be a) too damn big, and b) bright red, making it the tick from Hell if indeed a tick it is.

    • Ha — they’re undoubtedly nasty. They’re definitely arachnids, like ticks. I believe they’re actually spider mites. I see them a lot down here, and they’re all bright red rather like they have popped up straight from hell.

    • Thanks, Eve. That’s exactly what I thought of too. They kind of freaked me out, actually — but it was exciting to find a new kind of fungus down there; I keep seeing the same stuff.

    • Thanks, Lois. I just like what ended up collected in the space between the two forked limbs of that old tree. Speaking of hidden things, I somehow neglected to share one of my favorite pictures from that day, which included a spider hiding under a splinter of wood which I didn’t even notice until I was looking at the pictures later on the computer. As for the bug, I believe it’s a kind of spider mite.

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