Late March odds and ends

Here are some other pictures from the last two or three days that I liked. More color all the time, more living stuff.

1. I can't remember what this is, but I love the bright pink tinge of the new leaves.

2. From the same plant above, only these leaves seem to be having more of a problem getting their photosynthesis on. Or maybe have some kind of nutrient deficiency. Who knows.

3. I feel like I probably have almost half a dozen identical pictures of this plant, but this is the first time with a new growth. Which I think looks uncannily like the tip of a crayon. Specifically the Crayola spring green crayon.

4. This plant appears to have some kind of chicken pox. Actually it looks just like someone scribbled on it with a red marker.

5. I wonder what these fuzzy round things on the dead log are. Maybe some kind of fungus used to be attached there. It looks like two eye sockets and a nasal cavity.

6. Here's why I loved box elder in the winter -- crazy color in the twigs.


8. Another spider mite -- the biggest one I've ever seen, although it's a little weird to talk about how big it was when it was probably a third of the size in this picture. But still.

9. New sumac leaves

10. I thought these black spots (some kind of fungus I imagine) were interesting

11. Looks to be more advanced version of growth in the previous picture

12. The requisite shot to demonstrate just how green the hillside is becoming. These are all wildflowers.

13. Wild ginger, with a bonus tiny slug on the leaf facing the camera

14. Flower of wild ginger, which is very pretty but unfortunately not readily apparent (they are very low to the ground and tend to hang down).

15. This was interesting. I was taking a picture of what seemed to be strange little buds emerging from this old vine but I completely missed the stowaway in this picture until I looked at it later on the computer.

16. Cool pink-tinged sapwood

17. Maple samaras that I love so

18. Not sure what this is...will have to revisit it.

19. Cutleaf toothwort flowers

20. On some hillsides there are scarcely any flowers at all. I kind of like these, seeing really distinct clumps against all the dead leaves. (False rue anemone)

21. These are some of the daffodil leaves that were unearthed from all the dead leaves today. Interesting yellow tinge to them, having not been exposed to much light at all the last few weeks.

22. A woolly bear caterpillar, which will morph into the Isabella tiger moth in its adult stage.

23. Some cool clouds the other day

24. The sun and clouds behind the neighbors' property


3 thoughts on “Late March odds and ends

  1. Great pictures! No absolutely stunning!
    You’ve inspired to go and take some more pictures like these and post some older ones. Nice to “meet” a fellow photographer with the same interests!

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