March 31st pictures

I made a friend today.

Here he is, resting in my gloves. He looks a little tired.

This is where he was when I first found him as I was removing the leafy mulch from our gardens. He blended in well with the leaves. He was barely moving, and I was worried that he'd been there the whole time and that I might have stepped on him at some point, and that was the reason he was so sluggish.

However, I think he would have splatted quite remarkably if I actually had stepped on him. That's my hope anyway. He was unbelievably placid and even posed kind of nicely for me, as you can see him here resting against my thumb.

He's thinking of his life back with the other toads.

Looking at this picture, it's not too hard to imagine the tragic thing that happened shortly thereafter...the toad finally made a move, and leaped out of my hand...directly onto a spiny barberry bush.

He survived; I don't think he got pierced or anything. I set him on this rock. He didn't seem to care.

So then I set him down on the edge of the woods; I thought that might be more his speed. Here's to hoping he finally hopped off.


20 thoughts on “March 31st pictures

    • Thank you! I thought so too. I love toads. I’ve never seen one that hung around long enough for me to get a few good pictures and a really good look at it.

  1. I love it! He’s awesome, and you got great shots of his “wartiness”! His eyes are really cool looking. I love them all, but my favorite would have to be the shot from behind, with the sunlight on his head. He’s a very introspective toad I guess.

  2. These are such great photos! I’ve come across just two toads with my camera so far this season, and both have been photography fails. I’m in awe!

  3. I’m actually a bit afraid of toads, but these shots were really fantastic. You captured some excellent details of this toad. And I love the way he seems to be posing for you. 🙂

  4. That first picture is great! Especially like the eyes! Lucky for him that he didn’t get stepped on or impaled on that spiny bush. Can you imagine the horror of having saved a toad only to have it leap from your hand onto a spiny bush? He looks pretty at home in the leaves though. Maybe he will just chill there for a while.

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