April 1st pictures

1. Crabapple leaves

2. Crabapple flower buds. They're gonna open any day now.

3. Poppy leaves

4. Maple fruits. I keep saying this is a Norway maple, and things keep happening to make me think this is not Norway maple. For instance, these fruits. Norway maple fruits are at a 180-degree angle.

5. Moon through maple

6. Another maple tree against a backdrop of pines

7. The reflection of the neighbors' tree in the newly cleaned birdbath

8. Rose foliage

9. These trees just started blooming.


11. Tree reaching for moon


13. Another view of the windrow on the dirt road

14. Pines along the north side of the house


7 thoughts on “April 1st pictures

  1. The rose foliage makes me think of a cookie cutter or pinking shears—OK, I am of another generation. I particularly like the drying dirt road ending in a line of trees, planted as a windbreak at some time, I’ll bet. A couple more dry days on that road and it will kick up all kinds of dust. Nice work.

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