April 2nd pictures

Today I found a little frog. At least I think it was a frog. Just like the toad from a couple of days ago, something awful happened almost immediately when I came into contact with it. I had just stepped out onto the front deck, shut the screen door and looked down and happened to notice a little bit of movement from around the threshold. It looked an awful lot like a leg flailing. That’s because it was; the frog was apparently skulking around the door and either I swept it up with the door or it lept at the wrong time; either way, it was trapped between the threshold and the door.

“OH GOD NO” I said, or similar. I opened the door as carefully as I could. It hopped free, seemingly unscathed. Good thing the whole area is kind of warped or else I think it would have been squished entirely. The frog only hopped a short distance away, to the edge of the porch. And there he stayed. For a really, really long time.

1. Here he was at 1:02 p.m. on our front deck. I think he's doing the frog equivalent of the fetal position.

2. Here's the frog in profile over FOUR HOURS later, in the same spot.

3. Finally I startled him a bit by sticking the lens in his face, and he started moving around a bit. This is one of the last pictures I took before he hopped off the porch.

I’m really not too sure what kind of frog he might be. I looked at the DNR’s website of frogs (and toads) and compared the pictures and didn’t think that anything there looked particularly like this frog. Maybe the wood frog.

4. Crabapple buds, even bigger today.

5. I haven't checked in a few days but all of a sudden the ferns are coming up. I believe this is an ostrich fern.

6. Some of the daffodils popped today.

7. Some of the texture on the tree on the border between our gardens and the woods.

8. Looking up at one of the trees on the edge of the lawn.




14 thoughts on “April 2nd pictures

  1. I think your little friend is a Grey tree frog. Their coloring varies quite a bit, so that may be why you aren’t finding a picture that looks quite the same. -Such a little cutie! šŸ˜€

  2. I leave happy every time I come to see you, Sarah. I plugged you on my post today. That toad is something else, and I love his feet!

  3. Number 3 is nice! Amazing color pattern on that little guy. It is almost as if he was bred to blend into your deck. And unless your mail person has completely dropped the ball, I wouldn’t rush out to get that candy just yet!!!

    • Thanks, Lois! And I wondered if it was post-dormancy sleepiness too…I don’t know anything about frogs and toads but it makes sense to me.

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