April 4th pictures

1. One of the neighbors' many cats helped me clean up the back garden. Wait, no, she wasn't helping me at all. She was just messing around. How dare she.

2. And then I found yet another toad. This one was very small and fairly animated, in contrast to the sluggish ones of late.

3. Shadows on the shop

4. The deteriorated shop window

5. Lovely ferns

6. More lovely ferns

7. Grape hyacinth

8. Crabapple buds getting so very very close to blooming

9. Just look at this profusion

10. A different dirt road and some cool clouds




13 thoughts on “April 4th pictures

  1. I love #11 –it’s a great composition– and the curly fern –the color is amazing– and of course the KITTY.

  2. I love the photo of your neighbor’s cat! So cute! I would like to let you know that I’ve been inspired by your photos of that old tennis ball… I usually prefer to photograph trash findings on trails, but this past week I kept finding old balls! Ha. I’ll be posting soon so be on the lookout! Great photos and great post as always 🙂

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