April 5th pictures

1. I think dandelions are quite pretty actually, just the flowers anyway. Or at least, one flower, in isolation. Too bad they are so stubborn and awful in every other respect. These are the first dandelions I have seen in bloom. I have been trying very hard for the last six days to prevent as many as I can from rearing their heads.

2. New leaf on vinca

3. I keep thinking the crab apple buds are as big as they're going to get before opening and I keep being wrong.

4. Fertile frond of ostrich fern

5. Fiddlehead


12 thoughts on “April 5th pictures

  1. you know I have to go for # 5 (fiddlehead) … such vibrant green, and so delicately shaped!
    p.s. (don’t you just love it when we keep being wrong, over and over again?) *smiling at you*

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