April 7th pictures

I was at my friend Krista’s house today, taking pictures around their garden and taking part in some Easter festivities.

1. Catmint

2. Cocoon

3. Lichen

4. Pin oak leaf stuck on garden fence

5. Violet

7. Cool bark

Then we went and dyed some eggs. This is tradition in Krista’s household, as it is many households containing children, but in this instance the children lost interest quickly and wandered off and the mean age of the remaining dyers was about 25.

7. I was very proud of this, my first egg

8. Krista didn't like this egg of hers but I thought it was really cool.


10. Egg's eye view of the proceedings

And of course I took pictures of their cats.

11. Little Carlos/Carbos/Charbos

12. Little Tom/Tombos


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