April 8th pictures

1. False rue anemone flower


3. Maple leaves

4. Fungus growing on side of log

5. Pin oak leaf

6. Young pin oak leaves

7. Looking up the other side of the big ravine

8. Strange little holes in a log...note some are filled, not sure what's in them.

9. The stalk of a jack in the pulpit plant with a pin oak leaf

10. Not sure which tree this flower came from

11. Cottonwood leaf or some other poplar

12. Moss sporophytes

13. Maple samara in leftover stream water

14. More moss sporophytes

15. Taken from in the stream bed. I love how thick the wildflowers are getting.


17. Dutchman's breeches leaves

18. Little seedling emerging from old log


20. Jack-in-the-pulpit leaf

21. Jack-in-the-pulpit spathe (a type of bract or modified leaf, which is the cupped and hooded structure wrapped around the rod-shaped thing in the picture) and spadix (the rod-shaped thing, which is a spike covered with very tiny flowers)


23. Jack-in-the-pulpit leaflets

24. And here is the whole shebang.

25. Drooping leaves of false Solomon's seal


27. False Solomon's seal leaf

28. Shadow of false rue anemone on wood nettle leaf

29. Little wasp?

30. And here is one of my many none-too-successful attempts to take a picture of the crab apple tree at sunset. It began blooming yesterday but it was so hard to take a picture because it was incredibly windy.

31. It suuure is bright.


6 thoughts on “April 8th pictures

  1. Excellent offerings as usual. I don’t think that’s a flower (no. 10) . . . I think that’s the rare Tubular Centipede. You are very lucky to have captured it on your digital canvas.

    No need to reply. I did not subscribe to the comments because typically your admirers flood my inbox with their comments.

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