April 10th pictures

1. Mullein leaf

2. Wood nettle. Found many weird specimens lately that have had their tops chomped off (I'm assuming), and this, of course, makes the wood nettle so sad it cries, as you see here.

3. The river facing south

4. An interesting little plant chilling under a fallen log on the riverbank

5. A goose feather


7. Goldenrod

8. I think this was a raspberry; maybe got damaged by the cold?

9. I think this is a cottonwood flower; there were a few in this general area that had turned this pretty purple color

10. Trout lily

11. Many many flowers

12. Glowing leaves

I saw a deer today too. Try to imagine a beautiful picture of a deer right here. (I was not prepared.)


8 thoughts on “April 10th pictures

  1. Sorry, I do not speak, and even more so, I write in English – so take advantage of Google transleyt. I subscribed to your blog to see what it is quite simple and beautiful picture, and clicking “subscribe” rather out of ignorance of language than conscious. And I am very pleased with – a fact that really gave me a chance often to see what you are doing. Thank you for your art. Ilya.

  2. Feathers. I love finding feathers. I did so more often in Michigan.

    The good-sized ones would be jammed in the wood atop my mail-box post. When the weather destroyed one, I would stick another one in there. Typically Canadian Geese feathers (they were all other the place).

    The only decent feather I ever found here (Colorado) was a wild turkey feather (now sitting atop my computer).

    Also, very lovely carpet of flowers (#11)

  3. Hi Sarah: Gorgeous pics as always! I was in Virginia visiting family and experimented a bit with my camera choices. I took a ton of pics of flowers and believe it or not, the best camera ended up being my iPhone (I’m almost embarrassed to admit this but it is true). If you didn’t see the post it is on thirdeyemom and relatively recent. I also read another photographer’s blog and he recommended trying the app “Snapseed”. I just downloaded it onto my iPhone and it seems pretty cool. Thought i would share my discoveries with you! yet, your photos are always so gorgeous!!!!

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