Sandbar pictures

Until now I forgot to share these pictures from last week of a particularly dry and caked-over period in the sandbar’s spring. In fact it probably still looks like this as we haven’t had much rain since then, though I haven’t been down there since then to verify. I do like closeups like this and all the textures they reveal, as well as the little pops of color hidden in what looks like an otherwise dry and drab landscape from afar. Also up close it looks like a little desert.



3. Beautiful little flower container, huh?

4. I wonder how all these little holes formed.

5. I like the blue streaks in this rock.


7. Poor little river plant crushed under a rock.

8. Shale


10. A slice of petrified pizza, WOW

11. Ooh, leaf skeleton.

12. An ancient shard of beer glass

13. A petrified piece of startled toast

14. Rust is endlessly cool

15. This is the rare jumping jack plant


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