April 11th pictures

Today I took some pictures not too far up the road from our house because on the way home today I noticed, for the first time in…oh, nine years of living here on and off..that there are some cattails on the corner. I’m almost certain they’re cattails, anyway, I’m not sure what else they’d be.

1. Horsetail alongside probably-cattail stalks

2. Seedhead

3. Seedhead

4. Some random ditchy goodness

5. Still more seedhead

6. Cattails against an exceedingly flat horizon with the ever-present powerlines too

7. Inside of cattail stalk

8. Inside stem

9. Stem cross section

10. So I like shadows

11. As I was taking pictures I was serenaded by someone overhead and looked up to see a redwing blackbird. Why do I only see them on signs and telephone poles? Bizarrity.


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