April 12 pictures

Pictures of the crabapple tree blossoms as they looked yesterday (slightly frost-damaged, unfortunately). It was a little too late in the evening to take them but at least I had a sunset while the tree was still blooming nicely. Today it probably has even more blossoms, but it got cloudy. Maybe tomorrow I can get some more.


2. I like that the flowers make a natural little window for the stamens.



I didn’t take too many pictures today. But the ones I did take are more in keeping with what I thought my blog would be about, a mildly more representative picture of a particular day. This was when I imagined that I would be meeting Batman or drafting epic verse and would need to document these moments somehow. Instead each day just kind of became a record of whatever was happening down in the woods, which is cool too. That probably won’t change any time soon.

But anyway, I just started working on a farm and I like it a lot because there are cats and plants and stuff and I can be outside. So here’s something I actually did today: I transplanted pepper seedlings. These pictures were taken on my phone.

Transplanting pepper seedlings

Where (some of the) magic happens


14 thoughts on “April 12 pictures

  1. Sometimes I think I’d work for free just for the chance to work outside… But then I get hungry or hot or cold or something;) Seriously, you’re very fortunate. Best of luck and keep up the beautiful work!

    • I am lucky! It is a pretty great opportunity though I am not yet impervious to the elements nor do I quite have the stamina to weed tirelessly for too many hours. (Someday.) Thank you very much!

    • Thank you! We are several weeks ahead. It’s kind of great, except that with things this ahead of schedule, the inevitable frost came along and messed a few things up, crab apples included…:/ Ah well, it’s still lovely.

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