April 14th pictures

A death-defying feat

My little apian friend, one of hundreds in the crab apple tree today. It was so loud with all the buzzin', I could hear it from across the yard.

Grape hyacinth in the backyard


Daylilies gather water droplets like no other


Bit o' fluffy feather on wooden spokes in our garden

Neatly-cracked, rain-bespeckled rock on the border of garden

This little fly was in no hurry and let me get many a picture, although I couldn't get quite as close as I wanted. I believe it's a syrphid fly. Note its cool wasp-like markings.

I couldn't get the crispest picture I wanted but oh well. You can still see plenty of detail.

I also got him sticking his tongue out (or proboscis, whatever), because he’s a jerk.

animated gif maker
Animated gif maker

And here are the two gardens, my shade garden mostly remulched, and of course the crab apple tree in all its glory.

Little bloom on a low-hanging limb in my garden that I have stood up into many a time. In fact I did it just today and now my head hurts a little.

Woodpecker holes in pine

Dead branch on pine

Haven't had a lichen picture in a while. Plus some honeysuckle in the background.

Dandelion or one of those dandelion imposter


31 thoughts on “April 14th pictures

    • Me too! I thought it was still on top of the leaf when I was taking the picture and so was surprised and very amused to see it look like it was hanging on for dear life when I reviewed the pictures later.

  1. Reblogged this on dirt n kids and commented:
    Sarah’s really struck a chord with me today. This post has it all — insects, beauty of spring, nature all up close and in-your-face. Brilliant eye, she has. We should all get so entrenched in nature that we can experience the glory of the ant and the fly as she does, even if the fly is being a little persnickety.

      • Oh girl, help me. The oh-so-cool animated fly series of photos. That’s an animated GIF, right? Trying to do one and searching WordPress topics. Finding nothing. Anything easy you can share? Reply or shoot me an email. I’d love to know.

        • Hey Shannon! There are a few basic free services online that will create GIFs for you if you don’t have the software (I didn’t, so I just used one of the websites). There might be big disparities in how well some of them work or the number of pictures they allow you to upload, but I think they all work pretty much the same. The one I used was at http://picasion.com/ — good luck! 🙂

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