April 16th pictures

Crazy weather today. Temps were supposed to dip into the freezing range this morning, so last night I covered the plants we care more about (yes, there is a strict hierarchy) in anticipation of this. I don’t know that it really did freeze but it rained all night and the wind picked up with some 40 mph gusts, which wrought hell upon many of my ingenious plant protection devices. I went out to fix them today, but other than that I didn’t feel much like spending any time outside.

So follow along on a journey with me as you see how I spent my day instead, and learn why they call me Miss Excitement.

1. I had let these pruners become dirty.

Meet one of my most prized possessions. My pruning shears. This is the first season I’ve used them extensively and until today I hadn’t given them a good thorough cleaning or ever tried to take them apart. (I’ve tried to clean them up before, to little effect. Apparently wishing really hard doesn’t help. You need steel wool.)

2. They were probably unpardonably dirty.

3. Semi-dissassembled

4. That is ridiculous how dirty that is. I don't even know what all that is, probably built-up plant sap or something. Plant sap and shame.

5. There are many nooks and crannies to clean .

6. Many, many crannies. Plus, here you see the screw that I'm sorry to report I gouged terribly as I tried to loosen it so I could move the locking segment underneath it to remove the nut that goes with the bolt that holds the whole shebang together. I don't know if there's some magical forcefield surrounding this particular screw that eschews a perfectly-sized screwdriver and only responds to the special Felco-produced "ADJUSTMENT KEY" part 2-30 but in any case, it's an ungodly little device that caused me a lot of pain. Maybe I should have used the wrench from the beginning. I DON'T KNOW, STOP PRESSURING ME.

7. Some parts really cleaned up nice.

8. Tragically, I could not remove some of the stains from the blades.

9. Swiss Made -- is that like Swiss Miss? Ha ha ha ha! Look, I had fun with homophones.

10. Looking through the spring between the handles, you can see your own destiny. Also all kinds of encaked grime.

11. Then you douse the whole thing indiscriminately with WD40.

12. When it's all said and done, you have yourself a nice pair of pruning shears.

(I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that putting the pruners back together took a year or two off of my life. More issues with that screw that will not respond to any earthly screwdriver. It’s too traumatic for me to recall the details. But it’s back together now. It’s over. The nightmare is over…this time.)

Anyway, was that riveting or what? I hope your heart rates have all had a chance to return to normal by now. I probably should have put a warning on this entry.

So it was a good day for much-needed maintenance and for burying your face into the back of the couch.

Layla actually sits like this 100% of the time. I don't know why she insists on hiding her face from the world.

And for making salsa. And salad. But which is which? Huh? Huh?

Meanwhile, here’s how it was outside. Look how the roses had to spend their day, dressed up in three different old bedsheets, like some chumps at a demented toga party. You’ll note the yarn pooled at their “feet.” Someone, I won’t say who, thought maybe she could further secure the sheets by tying the yarn midway up the height of the plant. “Flimsy yarn can totally stand up to gale force winds if it’s triple knotted!” she is reported to have thought.

The hostas, too, were forced to suffer the indignity of hiding under old kitty litter containers and Amazon boxes.


10 thoughts on “April 16th pictures

    • When you’re inserting the pictures, in the Add Media window, click on the Gallery tab and you can see all the pictures you’ve uploaded for a particular post. Under the “Actions” heading on the right you see the little “Show” link which opens up a bunch of details about the picture, and that’s where you can add a caption for the picture. (Under the “Default Caption” field.)

      If you’ve already inserted the pictures into the post, you can just click the picture itself when you’re looking at the “Visual” view of the post. Once clicked, the little “Edit Image” icon appears over the picture. This opens a window that gives you the option to add a caption to the picture too.

      Hope that makes sense!

  1. I’m going to guess you just took your old shears apart, could not put it back together, and bought a new pair for the last shot.

    Regardless, very nice photos and narrative . . . I’m partial to a good narrative.

  2. I was enjoying all the snips repair photos, and then you hit us with the salsa. wow. colorful, zesty, and I bet it was tasty, too.
    those poor rose bushes look like someone’s bad idea of a halloween costume gone wrong. poor rose bushes. hiding their faces in shame. πŸ™‚

  3. Enjoyable post, Sarah. And I own a pair of Felco pruners too! You have made me realize they are about due for a clean, and I think I might get my husband to show me how to use the bench grinder to sharpen them as well. Then I may even do a post on it. Copycat? I prefer Inspiration.

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