April 17th pictures

I didn’t actually take these pictures today. (Cheating.) They’re from two days ago, when I was stalking these butterflies. They were playing this really cute game where, knowing I desperately wanted to take a picture of them, they would touch down for 1/64,000th of a second on a surface semi-close to me, alighting my own hopes that perhaps I could capture them in that time span, and then just as soon they would take off as soon as I gazed upon them too directly, much less moved my camera or tried to focus.

Yeah, butterflies are sooooo great. So CLEVER.

But finally I caught up with them on this tree in our backyard. I saw them cavorting around it, and figured I would slowly make my descent to the edge of the garden and just stand there and wait for one of them to slip up and linger a little too long. And they did. These are all cropped versions of a few of the dozens of pictures I took while chasing these little jerks all over the lawn. By the way, these little jerks are, I believe, the red admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta).

1. Getting close.

2. They would gather in groups of three and four for the briefest moment before they'd take off again, flying around each other in dippy little circles of giddy butterfly joy, probably laughing at me all the while.


4. Closer still





9. I like the undersides of their wings. Pretty funky stuff.


10 thoughts on “April 17th pictures

  1. Just lovely! These little jerks have been all over our neighbor’s lilacs, as my eight year old son announced to me the other day. We had a humbling photo session, and I got one or two decent shots, but nothing so lovely as yours. Good job!

  2. That first shot is amazing! I keep trying to capture butterflies, but am not really getting the hang of it yet. I hope some of your talent rubs off on me after seeing these lovely pics! πŸ™‚

  3. LOL No hating on the little flutterbies! he he he. I was just photographing the Red Admiral the other day too, and we had to chase them along the dike to try to get a decent shot… thought it was kind of fun, an adventure! Perhaps they enjoy the chase as well? πŸ˜‰

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