April 18th pictures

1. Wild phlox

2. Ostrich fern

3. Virginia creeper

Now please enjoy this selection of plants past their prime.


5. Jack-in-the-pulpit

6. Dutchman's breeches

7. Jack-in-the-pulpit

8. Whatever this is, it looks serious.

9. Trout lily

10. An hour's worth of minnesotawildflower.info browsing did not yield the answer to this plant's identity. The fault is probably with me and my inattention.

11. This plant gets gnarlier and gnarlier.

12. But it still produces these nice-looking leaves.

13. Fruits of Dutchman's breeches

14. Not sure what this is but I like it

15. Rare Jack-in-the-pulpit whose flower has not yet emerged (besides the ones up in my garden, that is). Surrounded by bedstraw.

16. Jack-in-the-pulpit

17. Jack-in-the-pulpit

18. This is the most Jacks-in-the-pulpit that I've seen in one little clump (there were maybe 9 or 10 of them)

19. Another mystery plant

20. The raspberry has flower buds!

21. False Solomon's seal

22. In other news I spread more mulch in two of the front yard gardens. Crab apple flowers are diminishing and turning grayish, but still pretty. You may have noticed the bare batch in the middle of the mulch. Why, that's a shallow grave. I mean a patch where I sowed some annual seeds.


8 thoughts on “April 18th pictures

    • Thanks so much, that’s very flattering! I don’t really participate (at least not right now) but I am very appreciative of the nomination. 🙂

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