April 19th pictures

1. Columbine

2. I don't know what this is. Maybe it's an anemone? Everything seems like an anemone down there.

3. Bedstraw and big old bloodroot leaf

4. Moss sporophytes

5. Lovely pattern on fallen log. Not actually this red in reality...that's the underside of my umbrella reflecting off the rain.

6. So here is my "what is that" picture of the day. There is the inside of my umbrella reflected in a little pool inside of a knot in a log fallen across the ravine. There is also a little cottonwood inflorescence in the pool

7. Rounding the corner down in the woods.

8. I thought this was a little metal wire but nay, it's organic, some kind of little twig.

9. Another curly with water pooled in it.

10. One of the big rings of trees where I imagine pagan rituals used to occur.


6 thoughts on “April 19th pictures

  1. Ever run across any poison ivy out there? It grows like crazy where we are, and you have to always watch out for it. Everything is so suddenly green and those nasties can hide out easily in all the foliage. Nice pictures–your curly twig reminded me of a poison ivy vine growing up the side of a tree with its hairy roots.

    • For someone who’s supposed to know more about plants, I can’t say I am that good at recognizing poison ivy — even with the little “leaves of three” rhyme. I’ll be on the lookout, though, especially since I think I may have found the remnants of some old vines this winter (hard to say, though, as the vine looks similar to Virginia creeper, which we have in spades).

      • Look for stems, sometimes interwoven, covered in hairlike roots on a vine climbing tightly against a tree. The new leaves come out very shiny, but the dead giveaway is the dirty looking clumps of fine roots growing along the stems. The vine when mature can be as thick as your arm. They like shade and grow along borders of the woods and up tree trunks. I set up camp in the middle of a patch years ago and have not forgotten the agony!

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