Today I was supposed to help plant shimmering fields of onions, but the weather didn’t cooperate, and now the planting has to be put off until Monday. The rain didn’t chase me inside entirely — in fact I got some gardening, running, and rain-walkin’ in, so take that, weather — but conditions being none too nice, I also sought diversion indoors, of the kind that I only seem to do on rainy days. I was also just inspired by this fun post over at the blog Burnt Embers, who just posted macros of antique glass buttons. My mom has this collection of old buttons herself and today was an ideal day to dig them out again.

When I was younger I used to sort through them every now and then. They were all mixed together in one big tin and I’d sort them by color and then look for identical buttons within those groups. And then I would put them back. Boom! Miss Excitement strikes again.

I was moderately disappointed today to open the box and discover that the buttons were now pre-sorted into little baggies by color. Their inherent funkiness reigns eternal, though. The retro style, bright, popping colors, chips, metal and string fragments left in the buttonholes…these buttons are fulla character.






6. This is one of my favorites. I love the color.










16. And another favorite...the green heart.


12 thoughts on “Buttons

  1. Love this post….it takes me back to my Mom’s button collection and how when I was little I would hold a bunch in my hand and let them fal back into the drawer….they were such quality compared to today’s buttons….the feel just fit your hand and you knew you were holding something specially made for the lives that wore the sweater or the coat or the dress or the….humanity…thank you for sharing and taking me back to the old days of fun and inspiring memories:)

  2. This brings back such memories of being a kid and getting out my mom’s buttons and sorting through it. I don’t have anything like this… somehow I’ve never gotten that one spot where all the buttons collect. Do people keep buttons these days? Is this something that came out of the Depression and doesn’t apply in such a disposable society?

  3. Awesome pictures!

    These bring back wonderful childhood memories for me. My Nana had this big tin with – to my young mind – about a million buttons! All colors shapes and sizes. I remember sitting in the parlour sorting through all those fascinating bits of glass and metal… bone and plastic… wood and leather,,, while Nana worked on one of her creations, and she would tell me stories sometimes about particular buttons.

    Thank you for giving me back some memories… I hadn’t thought of that big old button tin in ages.

  4. These are really nice buttons and I love the angle of view you have taken them from. I especially like the green glass one in the last picture. Thanks for linking to my button post πŸ™‚

  5. your buttons made me have one of those moments of nostalgia … many (many) years ago, I had an old vanity case full of stray buttons
    I found it very soothing to sort through them, arranging them by color, or by texture, or by number of holes, or by metallic vs pearl
    I don’t remember what happened to them (probably gave them away in one of my fits of spring cleaning), but I sure do miss those buttons!

  6. This is just a youth memory… My mom used to have and I think she still does have a box with all kind of buttons and we as kids LOVED to play with them!
    love your shots and thanks for sharing

  7. What a wonderful post, Sarah! Looks like lots of us share that memory of playing with the button box (or tin). These are terrific shots. Love the one with the frayed fabric. But each of them deserve praise, just like the little buttons.

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