April 20th pictures

1. Red admiral butterfly

2. Just a little oak seedling popping up in the strip of garden along the slope in the backyard.

3. Underside of the oak leaves

4. Lamium and sedum

5. Columbine buds

6. We haven't cleaned the leaves out of this garden yet; I sort of like how the coral bell leaves are hidden amongst them.

7. Young coral bell leaves and hairy stems

8. Dandelion stamens

9. Ground ivy or creeping Charlie. Check out the upside down ant head and antennae peaking out from under the leaf above the middle flower.

10. Shadow through clematis leaf

11. Frost-damaged clematis leaves

12. Grape hyacinth

13. There's this one lone patch of daffodils up on the slope of our lawn a good fifteen feet away from the other daffodils. It's a loner. It hasn't bloomed this year.

14. Ostrich ferns

15. Ostrich fern

16. I believe these are Coprinellus micaceus or mica cap/shiny cap.

17. Here is a picture of the results of a Thing I Did Today: the scrappy patch of dead and dying grass alongside the shop now contains strawberries, broccoli, kohlrabi, and Brussels sprouts. It looks sad and a little ugly now, but JUST WAIT.

18. My mind says to prune this flower so that the strawberry can focus on growing leaves. But my heart says keep it. KEEP IT. I WANT A STRAWBERRY.

19. Grass at the edge of the yard.


13 thoughts on “April 20th pictures

  1. I love how you know the names of everything you capture in addition to always coming up with amazing ways to make ordinary things extraordinary!

  2. I agree with Shutterbug Sage… you inspired me, I bought some field guides to butterflies and birds so I could become more knowledgeable about what I was capturing and could share it with others. I learned what the “Grape Hyacinth” was called by visiting other blogs. I learn something every time I stop by your blog! Thanks for that! 🙂

  3. Love your shots Sarah, the butterfly and the dandelion are perfect, oh well… they are all perfect! I think it is great that you show us your little garden with all the vegetables. as you said it may not be that much right now, but just wait and see…

  4. wonderful series as always! As we still await real spring here, it’s so great to look at your photos to remind me of what hopefully lies ahead.

  5. Great post as always! #7 is my favorite but I also like the fern. I took a cool picture of a fern the other day at the Trial Gardens near Lake Harriet. It was in the shade yet the sun was creeping through. I posted it today on thethirdeyeworld, my photo blog. Check it out if you like. I always get so excited for your posts that I wait and read them at home so I can open them on my MAC instead of my iPhone. I need to see your pictures big! !!!!

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