April 21st pictures

Not much to offer today. First and foremost: a worm.

1. "Oh, hi."

"Do look at me."

"Look at this thing I can do."

4. Garden ornaments waiting for their day in the sun.

5. Would you actually put this face out in your garden, or would you expect instead to encounter it in some nightmare hellscape while fighting off scores of demons?

6. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the deck, the purple ruffly basil is starting to look more haggard than anything. PULL IT TOGETHER BASIL YOU'VE ONLY BEEN HERE ONE WEEK.

7. The little pepper seedlings languish. They miss the third pepper brother, who disappeared somewhere in all the rain of the last few days.

8. Just some crafty marjoram playing tag, as they are wont to do.

9. While I was digging, I found this and many other beetles. Unfortunately this was the clearest picture I could get; it was very squirmy.

10. What I got done today. Here is how it looked yesterday. You see, I decided to plant first and cultivate later, because that's the kind of outside-the-box thinker I am. I didn't finish because the rain drove me inside, but I got most of it done.

11. Crab apple pedal on red umbrella after my walk.


6 thoughts on “April 21st pictures

  1. Thank you for giving the earthworm his day in the spotlight. He so deserves a break for all that work he does! Happy Earth Day. And happy gardening!

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