April 22nd pictures

Found a dead but still very pretty butterfly alongside the road today.

1. Poor little guy.

2. Let's all tell ourselves he was an old, old butterfly that died of natural causes.

3. I like dandelions.

4. Puffy clouds.

5. Meanwhile, back in the house, one of the cats was bad and bit open the bottom of the seed packet. Who knew they liked catnip seeds, too.


15 thoughts on “April 22nd pictures

  1. Just lovely. And entertaining, too. Two Black Swallowtails that went into their chrysalis stage before winter in our habitat (after their caterpillar stage on our parsley) hatched a few days ago–we fed them a fresh cut tangerine and let them go. Two little females. Come back and lay your eggs on our parsley, ladies! We hope two more will hatch. Do you garden for butterflies?

    • Thank you! How cool that you get to follow those butterflies along their life cycle. And I’ve not gardened for butterflies in the past, although we’ve always kept milkweed around when it pops up in our front garden for them. My mom picked up some Joe pye weed seeds and I was thinking of sowing some of these in a new little garden designed specifically to attract them. I’d definitely like to learn more about butterflies this summer; I only know about two or three of them by name.

  2. You cheated! You’re supposed to stay on earth to take your pictures. These were clearly taken on some other plane… 😉 Beyond beautiful, despite the natural events depicted.

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