April 24th pictures and holdovers from April 23rd

Most of these pictures are from yesterday, except for the four at the end. They were about all I could muster the energy for because finally, after almost a week’s delay, I got to help plant onions…lots and lots of them. Thousands. But it was a very nice day for it. Thanks, MN weather.

1. Young pine cones of Scots pine

2. After I took a bite of a morel-hunting snack -- a supra-orange, 100% genuine cheese and peanut butter cracker that I assume was all-natural -- I couldn't help but notice that the remnants looked a little bit like the state of Minnesota.

3. Fruit of false rue anemone. Or some other related thing.

4. I love the patterns of insect galleries in old decaying trees.

5. Closeup of galleries

6. Found a missing wind of a red admiral butterfly...this is the underside.

7. Yellow violet

8. Pretty undulating flower stalks

9. I think this is a little wasp

10. Jack-in-the-pulpit leaf

11. Then I found a nodding trillium, which has a pretty flower.

12. The flower of the nodding trillium is not always readily apparent because it is, well, nodding under this trifoliate leaf here. You have to be looking closely to see a little bit of flower peeking out.

13. Moss and moss sporophytes on a tree that should totally be dead as the trunk is split and this segment here was strongly horizontal. The limbs in the background belong to the same tree; I can't remember what it was, but it was probably a box elder.

14. Galls on a cherry tree leaf. (I think it's a pin cherry) with flower (a raceme) in background

15. Pin cherry flower

16. Phlox

17. A four-petaled phlox (it usually has five)

18. "Normal" phlox

19. Some kinda grass

20. Jack-in-the-pulpit spathe

21. Little tired frog I found

22. Feather

23. Crazy fungus I found -- not sure what it is

25. And a sweet little toad.

And here are just a few pictures from today.

Leaf showing signs of what I'm guessing is a viral infection (that kind of coloration and the pattern seem consistent with what I learned in my one and only plant pathology class, so take that with a grain of salt)

Another leaf on the same tree/shrublike entity

Little developing gooseberries!



8 thoughts on “April 24th pictures and holdovers from April 23rd

    • Thanks, Lois! I’m using a Canon Ixus (Elph is the same model, I think), a compact, so no special lens. It’s a pretty great little camera, though!

  1. This really is an amazing selection. Hard to single out a particular shot. But I did like Some Kinda Grass and Crazy Fungus – not only are they great photos but they could be great song titles!

  2. Two thoughts:
    1. Do you know how much talent you must possess to make an orange-not-found-in-nature cheese cracker wtih a bite missing look that interesting?!?!? 🙂
    2. I LOVE the frog on a log. Great capture!

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