Country cemetery: spring edition

Today I biked to the cemetery that I visited a couple of months ago (which you can see here). I still prefer the pictures I took back in February — I prefer those to pretty much all the other pictures I’ve taken this year, actually — but I really enjoyed the early-evening visit and how much different everything looked today. It was a beautiful night and I could walk at my leisure and look carefully at all the graves. Last time of course it was a very cold day, and windy, as it typically is here. I got so cold then that I had to hide out in the scary outbuilding that housed what turned out to be a somewhat scary vault toilet for a while, and that was an adventure itself because I didn’t realize that was a vault toilet when I opened the door with as much gusto as I could so that I could surprise and then overcome the potential killer that might be hiding in there. But there was no one in there. Where was I now?

Anyway, today, two and a half months later, it is very different. It was about as close to cheerful as a cemetery gets.


2. I would rather be cremated, but if I had a grave I think I would like it to be adorned similarly.

3. A new batch of artificial flowers adorns a few graves.

4. Some have peppy accessories.

5. Some have zenlike accessories.

6. WWI veteran grave

7. Detail from veteran grave

8. Eastern red cedar cones

9. And there is the lovely eastern red cedar trunk and one of many pairs of graves leaning together

10. Lichen

11. Lichen

12. Another red cedar


14. Tree and "But not forgotten"

15. Path through cemetery

16. Grave detail


18. I love this little token someone left behind; there was another one on another side of the grave.

19. The artificial flowers from the last season, cleared out and heaped with brush from all the spring cleaning

20. View of the cemetery from the adjacent farmfield

21. Remnant of old flower (an umbel, not sure what kind of flower)


11 thoughts on “Country cemetery: spring edition

  1. LOVE the lighting in the first shot. I don’t know what it is about cemeteries, but I love them! Nice set (though the winter and snow of the feb 13 edition really adds something, I agree).

  2. The fellow who served in the field artillery unit served in World War I. He was a young man when that war started–by the second go around, he was too old to serve. (I do genealogy as a hobby). I like it that you noticed and memorialized his resting place.

  3. Cemeteries are good places for reflection which is good for a photographers eye. I suspect that’s partly why we like them – and there’s almost always a peaceful sense about the place.
    I especially like the shot with the field in the foreground and the cemetery in the distance.

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