April 28th pictures

I may or may not be developing a slight seed-buying habit.

1. Bachelor's button seeds, possibly the coolest little seeds ever


3. Pumpkins


5. Included in this happy little bunch are pumpkins, nasturtiums, dahlias, zinnias, bells of Ireland, basil, carrot, forget-me-not, catnip, marigolds, bachelor's button, anise, bunny tail, chives, globe amaranth, and one or two others I forgot.

6. Look, a swirling nebula.


10 thoughts on “April 28th pictures

  1. Love this! Are you planning on planting all of these happy little characters? (I just realized you also refered to the group of them as ‘happy’, haha! Great minds, right?)

    • Thank you! Hopefully I’ll get all of them sown in the next couple of weeks, although some of these are destined for garden areas that have yet to be dug out of the lawn, and who knows how quickly I’ll get to that. (A few kinds I’ve already planted but nothing has come of them yet, unfortunately.)

  2. Lovely pictures! I, too, have been on quite a seed buying spree; it’s too addicting w/ all that possibility and color. My favorite purchased seeds have been Lupine (TX Blue Bonnet) as they look like baby river pebbles. There’s a pic of them somewhere on my blog, lol. Best!

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