April 29th pictures

1. The honeysuckle is blooming

2. Top and bottom of buckthorn leaf with crown rust fungus -- nasty-looking

3. The ajuga is slowly but surely getting choked about by the sedum in our garden. This poor little guy is blooming between a couple of rocks on the border of one of the gardens.

4. White honeysuckle

5. I believe this is a fungus called milk-white toothed polypore (Irpex lacteus)

6. More cool fungus




10. Fruit of some kind of anemone. Look, it's a little crown.

11. Not too sure what this grass is but check out the funky little eggs.


13. Some of the many phlox blooming out there today.

14. Never seen this little fungus before.


13 thoughts on “April 29th pictures

    • A missed opportunity. 😦 Just wait, there’s even more fungus in an upcoming post…though perhaps not as spectacular as that big one I just found.

    • That’s true. And the vindictive part of me even wished that the infection were such that it could help limit the spread of buckthorn, but apparently it has a negligeable impact on the plant.

      Oh well.

  1. this one is tough … gotta love me some perfectly-framed and astutely-captured decay (#12),
    but today’s winner has to go to #10 (little crown of droplets on the bright green leaflets) … stunning!

    • Thank you! Some of these plants end up with the most perfect little water droplets on them while it just drips off of or evenly coats others — but this anemone is definitely among the reliable ones for capturing water droplets. I was so happy to spot that little fruit capsule with the “crown”!

  2. Love number 10! Trying to catch up now on your posts and gain some inspiration! I can’t believe how many diverse things you find to take pictures of! Do you always prefer plants? Loving it!!!

    • So glad you’re enjoying them! Plants are definitely a favorite subject of mine, if not THE subject. Having studied horticulture I think it’s a good way to help me keep up on plant ID and anatomy, although I don’t take the time to figure out what all of my mystery plants are, by any stretch. It’s been especially fascinating this year, taking so many walks in our backyard and paying closer attention than ever to when and where certain things are blooming — or budding, or leafing out, or dying, as the case may be. (Of course all of that is accelerated this year, but it’s been fun establishing a little hyperspecific timeline for our land.)

  3. i like the quality of your images–the closeness you get to bring out your subject-and i always learn from viewing another photographer -nice work
    i also do plants-mostly flowers-and you have given me new ideas on seeing what is –thank you i am new to this blogging stuff Will

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