Flowers past their prime

I don’t know why I like flowers and leaves that aren’t looking so hot anymore, but I do. So here are some pictures of those.

1. Grape hyacinth

2. I can't remember what this is but it's kind of an ugly shrub in our backyard. If only all the leaves were messed up like this.

3. Daffodil

4. Daffodil

5. Daffodil

6. Dandelion

7. I think these might be some echinacea leaves -- I thought the yellow splotches were neat-looking

8. Remnants of crab apple flowers


12 thoughts on “Flowers past their prime

  1. I like photos like these too. The Grape Hyacinth is my fav this time. lovely soft light and great focus. And of course I love the color. 🙂

  2. I love photographing plants and flowers that are drying up and wilting… just as beautiful to me as when they are in full bloom. Wonderful photographs!!! I’ll have to post my dried flowers soon but I was in a wedding this past weekend, so I’ve had no time! Fabulous post and I love how you capture everything you see on your walks… you don’t seem to miss much! Great post and I hope you’ll check out my blog soon! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Polly! Sometimes my desire to obsessively document every small detail of my walks has bordered on the ridiculous — hard not to get carried away. 🙂 I’ll be eager to see your pictures!

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