May 2nd pictures

It rained a lot last night and gave everything a good soaking. Just try and stop me from taking pictures of plants with little rain droplets all over them — you just can’t do it. (Cold dead hands etc.)

1. Hosta

2. Hosta

3. Hosta

4. Hosta

5. Columbine

6. From the glass looking out towards our shed and the woods

7. The old tennis ball, getting muddier by the day.

8. Flowering grass — or maybe fruiting, I’m not too sure. I don’t know too much about grasses.

9. Dandelion seed head plus single seed (which I learned today is an achene, and the fluffy part of which — obviously missing in this picture — is called a pappus)

10. Clover

11. Violets

12. Violet

13. Grass

14. Daylily

15. Daylily

16. Daylily, getting a little colorful with necrotic leaf tip.

17. Daylily (underside — plus the blue blur in the background is a pine)


18 thoughts on “May 2nd pictures

  1. Does a dog ever play with the tennis ball? Or does anyone do anything with it? Or is it a long term photography project documenting its demise?

    • Nah, one of the neighbors’ dogs left it there, but it only comes into our lawn occasionally to poop or bark at me for having the audacity to stand on my own lawn.

      So yes, I’m making an extremely thorough photo documentary of the many, many moods of the lost tennis ball.

  2. OH MY GOSH… Hold me back. Cool, Sarah. I totally love the tennis ball, and the dandelion, of course. Rainy days are the best!!!

  3. Wow! Every single one of these shots is totally amazing. This may be one of my favorite posts yet!

  4. You have some serious photography talent–you see more than objects, you see light and form and beauty. The hosta is breath taking, but they all are well worth seeing and seeing again. You captured beauty, and balance, and peace. I try never to miss one of your posts.

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