May 3rd pictures

Feels unbelievably summery lately. We’ve had some tornado watches and thunderstorm warnings the last few days but not much going on today besides humidity rather akin to swimming through a steam bath. I thought this would be the year I was actually on top of it with the gardening but with the heat and all I already feel like I’ve completely dropped the ball. But then I remind myself of the date and tell myself it’s fine.

Nothing overly thrilling happening in the garden right now. That is to say, it is now just the right amount of thrilling. All the early spring bulbs/not-actually-bulbs-but-close-enough plants are pretty much done, except for our irises, which haven’t given any sign that they’re thinking about considering taking it under advisement that they should maybe perhaps bloom one of these days if they feel like it. The dandelions have eaten the yard, and they continue to interest me inordinately. The crab apple tree is very much done blooming and has that signature “done bloomin'” dull brown look. There’s some pictures of that anyway though because everything looks cool at sunset.

1. Some fallen maple samaras embedded in the just-watered soil patch in the front gardens where I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting for some seeds to germinate.

2. I think this is milkweed. A few of them are popping up now in the front yard.

3. Chives. Who the hell put chives here, anyway? There is just one single clump of them in the front garden, all the rest of which is ornamental stuff. It’s just so odd. I don’t remember this little patch being there at all, but hey, we ate some of them tonight, so there is that.

4. These are the leaves of globe allium in the back of my shade garden. It’s not so shady by sunset. I love how the leaves drape over one another.

5. This little seed was clinging to this old dandelion by a thin spider’s thread. It was windy today (shocker).

6. The columbine is just blooming now. This is one of the plants in the backyard. They’re getting so big back here. One of them is over two feet tall.

7. The new growths on the little tree out front look like little piney skyscrapers.

8. The cleverest-bug-on-top-of-the-blade-of-grass’ view of the shade garden and the adjoining garden.

9. Crab apple leaf

10. This expired crab apple flower stalk/receptacle/stamens was hanging from a spider web thread too — and also spinning wildly in the breeze — so I tried to steady it by holding onto the thread itself and then it stuck to my finger instead.

11. Roadside dandelions

12. Dandelion


14. Daffodil

15. Maple samaras


9 thoughts on “May 3rd pictures

  1. I’m jealous of your warm weather πŸ˜‰ Gorgeous photos, as always. I love the roadside dandelion and the maple samaras. πŸ™‚

  2. #5 is remarkable (as I’m proving by remarking on it). Kind of like some wild natural circus act.

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