May 4th pictures

Got lots done in the garden today, and meant to share some pictures of that, but a downpour in the afternoon chased me inside before I could realize those plans. By the time the weather cleared up I realized that no one really needs to see more pictures of pare swaths of soil with my helpful label that there are lunaria seeds underneath them.

But maybe I’ll post some of those tomorrow anyway. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the late afternoon/sunset-y sky.

1. Water in cornfields

2. Looking down the road from the driveway

3. Looking across the road at the cornfield

4. Dandelion remnants




10 thoughts on “May 4th pictures

    • Thank you! And not right now, doesn’t seem like. The river is really high at our house and all of these little streams that are usually only running just after snow melt have a little bit of water in them again.

  1. even though it didn’t get a number, I like # 7 the best (last pic)
    I wanna get on that road, and just go, and let the sun and the sky keep me company

    • Oops, didn’t mean to overlook ya, #7.
      I completely get that drive (pun semi-intended) — I love driving through that landscape, at that time of day.

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