May 5th pictures: the morel of the story

Had some issues today with my lens and condensation so I am really not happy with how most of my pictures came out, but I did the best I could to fix ’em all up all nice and pretty afterwords. And I found so many kinds of fungus today, after two days’ worth of torrential rainfall, that I can’t help but share some of it.

1. A morel, the biggest and last one I found today. (Only the second time, ever, that I’ve found any.) Unfortunately it looked a little funky inside, so I didn’t eat it.

2. To start with, the deer vomit fungus was looking possibly even nastier than the other day. More gooey.

3. This little dudes were stunningly bright and about the size of push pins.

4. Looked good when I picked it but I made the unfortunate mistake of putting this and the others (I found eight) in a plastic bag, and they were getting mushy by the time I got home. I think they might have been a little past their prime anyway.

6. These things creep me out.

7. That was like a horrible, dingy fungal carpet.






Meantime the fields got pretty wet again — well, obviously — and the stream in the woods started running again. Things were very muddy.

14. I’m worried that all this rain will have buried too deep or washed away all the seeds I just sowed. These pots will, I hope, contain plentiful basil plants.

15. So much rain, and very dark for about 1pm.

Then we had a nice late afternoon and sunset. I took these pics with my phone.




10 thoughts on “May 5th pictures: the morel of the story

    • Hi Marissa — sure, as long as it’s non-commercial, I’m fine with you using it. Thanks for asking! Glad you like the picture.

  1. Hi Sarah, another great lineup! I particularily like number 8. Great depth of field. Also the poor thing looks so alone in the world. Just him and some dead twigs and leafs. Great shot:-)!

  2. The creepy things, #6. These look very much like the early stage of dead man’s fingers (Xylaria) which will eventually get larger, hence the name, and turn black. Look for some earth tongues, even creepier. Finding any coral fungi?

    • Cool! Thanks for the tip. I am really bad about remembering where I am finding all these things, so I hope I’ll manage to locate them later and get pictures of them in later stages. To my knowledge I have never seen any coral fungi in our woods — I haven’t paid as close attention to what grows down there until this year, to be fair — but I will certainly keep an eye out. I’d love to see some.

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