How about a selective tour of our gardens

The condensation inside my lens disappeared. Huzzah!

1. Ash leaves. Alright, not part of a garden per se, but in the yard. And it’s all a garden! If only metaphorical! Right?

2. The strawberries took a beating in the last two days’ rain

3. Here is a view of my shade garden. Lots of sedum, lots of hostas. Also some pachysandra, coral bells, false Solomon’s seal, Jack-in-the-pulpit, vinca, globe allium.

4. The hostas in the front of the house are getting quite big, the columbines are spreading, and the sedum is manning the front, just behind the rocks.

5. Here’s a project I plan to finish sometime in 2015: remove all the tiny weeds from under the maple. They form a dense mat and when I try to pull them up, I take a lot of the fine much with me. So I’m raking the mulch away, and digging to get all the little roots out. Apparently we need more mulch because it did not stop this crap from coming up.

5a. Look how these stupid little weeds are overtaking the hosta. On second thought, maybe we should have let this green stuff be the mulch to block out the *rest* of the weeds.

Ok these next couple are not in the garden either but we’ll just have to live with it.

6. And now here’s some dandelions across the road, against the backdrop of the sky constantly threatening rain but — so far today — not delivering.

7. My three favorite telephone poles ever.

8. Back out in the front garden, here is a new shoot on one of the barberries.

9. The milkweed is really growing quickly too.

10. In the backyard, the Chinese lanterns are spreading. Perhaps a little too much. Here are a few popping up in the tiny cracks between the patio tiles.

11. And here’s a dandelion seedhead I liked, about to open. I like the little water droplet in the middle.

12. Clematis A and Clematis B, on opposite sides of the trellis. In the past two years, Clematis B was the clear winner, growing faster and farther. Now it has but a few sickly leaves sat the base of the plant and Clematis A is having its moment in the sun.

13. Lovely columbine

14. Columbine

15. A different columbine with a somewhat different colored blossom up the hill, this time with a bizarre spider showing off its legspan.

16. Some fungi growing on a log in the woods just behind our gardens in the backyard.

Today I began creating the space for a new garden. We have a tiller, but I think it’s busted. We have this other one that gets the job done but it is not quite efficient. It does keep a blog and take pictures, though. Yes. Yes, I am the tiller.

It was tedious work, but fortunately I had a little bit of company on and off throughout the day.

Who, me?

Where oh where is the kitty going?

Kitty wants to ride shotgun on a wild 5mph ride.

There was rain in the forecast for this afternoon, so late morning I went out and figured I’d dig as much as I could today and call it good. That rain never did come, so I was able to bust up all the sod that I wanted and now I have an 18′ x 7′ (or thereabouts) new garden. Thanks to my patented method of smacking clumps of grass against the ground to remove as much soil as I could, I ended up with a lot of dirt in my mouth and in my already irritated eyes. But six hours later, I was finally done. Huzzah! Tomorrow I will sow seeds and maybe start working on a trellis for my peas.


6 thoughts on “How about a selective tour of our gardens

  1. Lovely walk! I have to say though I’m disappointed in the John Deere (I’m a Husqvarna girl).

    On #5, try laying down a few layers of cardboard first, then pile 3-inches of mulch on top. Will choke out just about everything EXCEPT bermuda grass. You can weaken the plant first by weed-whipping it. Careful not to pile mulch within 6-to-8-inches from the trunk though.

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