May 8th pictures

Terrible weather today. Didn’t get much done today, but I was out a few times between the rain and the hail.

1. Two very different leaves — hairy poppy leaf against spiky, variegated iris.

2. Rainwater pooled in poppy leaf; iris

3. Poppy and iris

4. Barberry leaves

5. This is a different poppy leaf, a new plant my mom just brought home.

6. A funkily-colored (in the margins) rose leaf.

7. A rose leaf that appears to have suffered some insect feeding.

8. The dramatic sky over the little house on the prairie. I mean farm country. I like to think these people would be happy to know how many pictures their house is being featured in; it just becomes so dwarfed and vulnerable against these clouds, I can’t help myself. Oh, and it’s just in the way (way out west), so it’s bound to end up in sunset pictures.


10. This is crown vetch. It’s all over our gardens, or at least the ones in the backyard. It’s really tough to eradicate. It’s used for erosion control in the U.S. — and it’s excellent at that, I guess — but it’s become invasive in many places. I kind of like it because it has pretty flowers, though, and I think the leaves are very neat. But I don’t want it in my garden.

11. More crown vetch

12. Toothed fungus…maybe that milk white toothed polypore?

13. I never met moss sporophytes I didn’t like. I thought this time I’d at least mix things up by trying to identify this moss, but I realized a True Science Fact as I was Googling names of mosses in my county: all moss looks exactly alike. (Or, okay, many species are very similar when seen with the naked eye.)

14. I’ve been seen this tiny little fungus on the floor of the woods since last week. I think it’s the stalked scarlet cup. The color doesn’t show up right, though; it’s really very bright red, not reddish orange. In fact, it’s so bright and almost artificial-looking (it was a perfectly round little cup from above), the first time I saw it I thought it was a little piece of trash, some plastic or rubber or something.

15. A nice little snail. Would that I could have gotten the whole thing in focus. But he is a cute little guy.

16. Elm fruits turn colors as they age and start to look like dessicated, bronze, miniature sunny side up eggs.

17. My guess is these are some kind of little scale insects. I accidentally squished one and was left with nothing much left but some orange goo.

18. Pretty little dried plant by the riverside

19. I believe this is Philadelphia fleabane.

20. I like leaves.

21. I like leaves a lot, particularly if they have water droplets and/or pretty venation. Props for both.


23. It looks like someone’s been through here with a square paper hole punch.


25. Some of the grasses at the edge of our campsite, overlooking the (very high) river and the opposite bank.

26. Wild cucumber leaf

Bonus picture: it’s not very good but it captures something I’ve never seen on our lawn before…baby ducks! It’s a sad picture though, because they’re fleeing hail.


5 thoughts on “May 8th pictures

  1. i am still amazed that you get so much diversity in your photos Sarah! Wow, you must have a great place with tons of variety and of course not to mention your keen eye and incredible talent at taking pictures! Keep them coming!

  2. I’m happy to see GRAY hairs on those first couple of leaves. Quite an amazing lens, quite amazing shots. The scale of the farm house against that sky is just (OK, get ready for it) Amazing! (I seem to be stuck on that word today.)

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