May 9th pictures

1. My running shoes are very supportive. They even smile at me. I took a picture of them because they took me on my farthest run yet today. Huzzah!

2. Twig in rusty basket on the front deck. I think there should probably be a plant in this basket, not nothing. Will have to remedy that soon.

3. I don’t even know what these little seedlings are, but hey, there’s something promising about lots of new little seedlings.

4. Crab apple leaf

5. Crab apple with some lesions

6. Crab apple tree with — wait for it — developing crab apple

7. A nice, simple little sunset.


10 thoughts on “May 9th pictures

    • Thanks, Abra! I made it a little farther than 8.5 miles. My legs are protesting a bit today, so I will probably approach that distance a bit more gradually in the future!

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