May 11 pictures

Time to catch up! I’ve never gotten this far behind before — three whole days. That’s probably pretty sad, huh. That I rarely let anything interfere with my rigorous blogging.

Well, on Friday night, I painted me some light. I have some ideas for funky things I would like to do with light painting, but my abilities are limited by my camera’s inability to let me manually tinker with shutter speed (the most I can get is 15 seconds, and only under a certain setting) and the fact that I can’t think to use any other light source than my phone (using my flashlight app, of all the stupid things). So all these pictures I made by waving my phone around like a fool. The results can be kind of interesting, but very unreliable.


I’ve discovered that my favorite thing to do with this light painting business is to just create vaguely ghostly images of myself, because why the hell not.

2. Like that. That’s obviously a ghost.


4. A ghost that’s on fire.

I thought it was funny how this picture was reduced to nothing but the pattern that I spastically drew in the air with my phone, but I have to say I kind of like the look of these crazy lines.

3 thoughts on “May 11 pictures

  1. These are awesome! I need to try this – tonight! (I’m 100% sure the last time you posted some of these I said the same thing, but I didn’t do it. Tonight’s the night people!)
    The first one is my favorite, I love your silhouette in that one. nice job.

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