May 12 pictures

On Saturday I was in Minneapolis to see my friend Krista’s choir concert (it was awesome!) but first I had some time to wander a little bit, so I walked around Lake Calhoun.

1. I was guarding Krista’s bag when at when point I realized I’d let my guard down and this little critter had infiltrated the outside. Or if it was only on the outside I suppose it isn’t proper to say INfiltrated but whatever, it was still its own kind of breach. So this I guess is a tent caterpillar. I wonder if this is one of those boom years of the boom and bust cycle Wikipedia describes…I have been seeing their tents everywhere.

2. There’s this little stretch of mulched trail on the eastern side of the lake, beyond the parkway, which begins and ends mysteriously and abruptly. I thought it was public but I began to have my doubts as I wandered along it. Don’t know who or what maintains it.

3. The colorful sailboats were at their colorfullest that evening.

4. I saw many ducks, and whenever I saw them I took a picture. These urban lake ducks act a lot less skittish than our rural scaredy pants river ducks.


6. SERIOUSLY COULD THEY BE ANY SWEETER, you must be saying to yourself

7. I liked catching them mid-activity (other than gliding around the lake)

8. Then I found these neat old seed pods

9. Some funky galls

10. Ducks against the Minneapolis skyline

11. Some more funky galls

12. Good ole Minneapolis

13. I think these might be cypress spurge. Green flowers are always cool.

14. Just a duck paddling along with nary a care in the world. Although I guess I wouldn’t know. I can’t read ducks’ minds. Let me just be upfront about that.


7 thoughts on “May 12 pictures

  1. Wonderful! Really love all of them. I have a hard time picking å favorite this time. But the ducklings are really too sweet. and lovely light and great details in no 9. The view in no 12 is really fab and well composed. 🙂

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