May 14th pictures

Today I revisited a lovely area bike trail that I’ve been to a couple other times this year. I didn’t take too many pictures because technically I was there for a run. Would you believe I took all of these on the move? Well, you shouldn’t, because I didn’t. I took a break when I reached one end of the trail so I could walk around and take these. And now you know my shameful secret.

1. You might think that wonders await at the bottom of this staircase. And I guess they kind of do, if you like parking lots and Port-a-potties. I know I do! Oh, and there’s a nice view of the river on the other side, too.

2. Along the staircase were a few trees and shrubs that someone had taken a real liking to.

3. Ooh.

4. The path atop the old rail road trestle.

5. Back on the end of the trail where I began. I’m pretty sure this is meadow goat’s beard. The MN wildflower website I often use says it is not in my county, but I’m pretty sure this is what it is all the same.

6. Meadow goat’s beard bud.

7. And the corn is just emerging.

8. More rural goodness

9. I like this pattern in the rows of corn here.


11. When you add the last two pictures together, I guess you get this.

I still have to post pictures from yesterday. I’m still sorting through them. There’s a lot of them. Oh, not good ones, unfortunately. They’re from a parade. It’s hard getting good pictures at a parade. But they’re fun, I guess, and I’m going to share ’em.


5 thoughts on “May 14th pictures

  1. It’s nice to find a photographer who is not afraid of brown and green. It’s so easy to forget to look at it when it is simple, plain earth tones. But you do, and what lovely results.

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