May 16th pictures

Well, now I must post pictures from yesterday and Sunday. But they keep piling up. I just can’t keep up, I tell you. But here are pictures from today’s bike ride.

1. The raging river

2. I guess I have seen ragier rivers, actually. Here is a little island in the fork of the river.

3. Here is a little field beyond the bridge. It looks very pretty. Some ugly signs (not pictured) were pretty unambiguous about trespassing.

4. And on the other side of the bridge, there is this scrappy road. Not pictured: foolish teenage boys on their ATVs.

5. Look at this leggy little guy on the clover leaf.

6. And here are a bunch of pretty little clover flower buds about to open.

7. Just some grass, showing off with its bright flashiness.

8. Dandelion seedhead

9. Clover flower from behind

10. A bunch of plants along the road were covered in what presumed to be either yokel spittle or the rabid foam of mad plants. Apparently it is most likely a substance excreted by the spittle bug (or froghopper, or hipster-bugs, as they are also known). The spittlemass protects the insects from predators and desiccation.

11. And then there was this yellow flower too. I think it’s yellow sweet clover.

12. And then there was this grassy flower thing, and it had a bug on it, and it was cool.

13. And then there was another pretty, pretty clover.

14. This is one of at least three tent caterpillar tents on our crab apple tree. Damn you, tent caterpillars.


13 thoughts on “May 16th pictures

    • I hate to burst your spider balloon (look, I’m trying to coin a phrase), but yes, yes I am sure. These tent caterpillars and their signs are nigh inescapable these days.

      That spider article is both disgusting and fascinating, by the way. Good for the spiders, I guess??

  1. Only fire can kill tent caterpillars. Fire from Hell! (But seriously, you should cut off the affected branches and burn the tents)

  2. Next time you see tent caterpillars, move in close and yell “OI!” at them and see what happens.

    If nothing happens, try again in a different key.

    (They have to be fairly large for effects to take place—evidently the new really little ones either don’t have big enough ears or big enough brains to respond.)

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