May 17th and 18th pictures

The last two days have not been thrilling photographically. It was terribly windy yesterday, with gusts around 50 mph. It’s been pretty dry for a week and a half, so the wind has been blowing huge clouds of dust and soil all over the place, which is distressing to see. That is, until you can’t see it anymore because your eyes are encrusted in a thin layer of dust, which then works its way up your nose too, just for kicks.

So here are some phone pictures, taken either through my dirty windshield or through the passenger window, because it wouldn’t unroll, possibly because a ghost fiddled with the mechanism.

On the road leaving the farm. Dust is sweeping across the field…

Then I saw it was even dustier at the horizon.

And indeed when I got to the end of the dirt road, I saw that it was, in fact, quite dusty.

I got to seek refuge in one of the greenhouses at the farm for most of the morning but was out weeding for a little bit in the afternoon. When I got home I realized I had dirt all over my face and in my eyebrows too. I looked like a sad 19th century street urchin. A self portrait might have been more interesting yesterday. Alas.

Today I mulched a few little paths through the new vegetable garden out back and did some much-needed weeding. I also anxiously surveyed the progress of my seeds (conclusion: not bad!). I have a little bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to my vegetable gardening, I must admit. It stems from that fateful community garden plot I had a couple of summers ago. It was a partly shady plot with really sandy soil. I tried to grow some carrots, herbs, tiny potatoes, onions, a pepper or two, a few ornamental things. I did a lot of this from seed, started pretty late, and everything took about 18 times what the seed packet said it would to emerge, so I had a fine plot of dirt for much of my tenure. I had the distinct feeling that the other gardeners would all gather when I wasn’t there to stand and point at my plot, chortling in a superior way. So now when I am waiting for seeds to germinate I feel some of the old angst arise.

Here is what things are looking like today.

At least a few representatives of most of the things I have sowed are emerging, though of course it is hard to tell in the picture…so I have made a fancy labeled version of the picture.

Oh, and then there’s this guy.

Anyone know what this is?


13 thoughts on “May 17th and 18th pictures

  1. Cass said your bird looks like a baby blue bird but not to quote her on it. So I’m quoting her on it. When are you posting your May Day Parade pictures???

    • Later tonight or tomorrow I’ll probably put those up, still not finished going through them. (Ridiculous, I know.) Also, I think now that might actually be a baby robin. Some other Google pics looked pretty similar. (I think it was too big to be a blue bird.)

  2. Looks like a photo of a rusty wheel with a bird sitting on top. LOL
    Sorry, don’t know what kind of bird, but I still like the picture.
    As for your garden … your post brought to mind something about watched pots never boiling. Funny how even when we are creating something from nothing, and tending to the soil, our insecurities can creep in and infect our experience. Hope your garden turns out to reward your efforts with abundance. 🙂

    • Thank you kindly! You’re right, and I should also remember that these guys are not on my schedule and have other needs besides satisfying my impatience. 🙂

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