May 20th pictures

Today a lot of things finally got planted, transplanted, sown, weeded, etc. I should mention that life in the garden has become fully 146% better now that there are now several new lengths of hose and a hose cart that excludes the need for me to water everything with like 20 consecutive trips back and forth from the spigot to my plants with the two watering cans. Huzzah.

1. My friends the maple samaras are lording it over everything right now.

2. Shadow cast by columbine, with crab apple in background

3. Today I planted a little mini rose out front that my dad won in a drawing at work. It’s alreay bloomed (yellow). I like yellow mini-roses. Not sure if it will make it seeing as it’s apparently a zone 5 thing (we’re zone 4), but I’ll tell myself we live in a microclimate that is 5ish.

4. Fun little pink hairs on the rose buds, eh.

5. Creeping phlox my mom just put out front.

6. The second poppy bloom is about to open.

7. My zinnias!

8. This is my favorite hosta in my shade garden. Its leaves never get bigger than this. Appropriately enough, it is called ‘Teaspoon.’ I do wish it would spread a bit more, though.

9. Sedum in the shade garden. It thrives in full sun but it survives just fine in my shade garden and doesn’t take over, so it’s perfect.

10. Insect feeding damage on one of the roses.

11. Sedum in the front garden

12. Some dieback on pine needle tips. No good.

13. Even more no good — sawflies (I think) on the pine.

14. Sawfly waving lazily.

15. Underside of hosta leaf.

16. Holy crap, the echinacea is about to bloom soon, too.

17. Two little red bugs on the underside of goldenrod leaf.

18. Some decaying wood behind the back garden and some bedstraw in the background.

19. Here, have the prettiest little posy in town. It’s the remnants of Virginia waterleaf.

20. OH THAT’S RIGHT, I HAVE A STRAWBERRY. The first of the season.

21. Sunflower. I only got 3 out of about 10 sunflower seeds to germinate. Lame.

22. I think this is another little nasturtium emerging. Hurray! They are almost all up now. There were only about a dozen or so in the seed packet. I love them so and was worried they wouldn’t all germinate and then I’d have hardly any.

23. Water droplet gathered in nasturtium.

24. Potted up the castor bean plants I got my mom last week.

25. We have this flat bit of space in the backyard where an aboveground pool has gone in years past, but the pools always break down in the end and this year the spot is just a refuge for weeds. Which are turning remarkable colors, I must say.


24 thoughts on “May 20th pictures

  1. Sawflies (?) look cute . . . they seem as if they might make good pets.

    Strawberries already out? We’re still barely in the “coming out of the ground” stage of our garden (although some things were out early).

    Great collection, as usual.

    • They probably would be, if they weren’t dead. They’re funky-looking things to be sure.

      Yeah, everything is freakishly ahead of schedule — couldn’t say by how many weeks or anything, but it’s early, alright. We’ve got raspberries starting to fruit, too!

    • Thanks! I’m especially excited about those zinnias because they’re in a spot that suddenly got a whole lot shadier when our maple tree really leafed out. Wasn’t even sure if zinnias would emerge. But hopefully they will still get enough sun and bloom just fine.

    • Thanks, Lois! That’s their nefarious strategy, I guess. Sometimes when I’m feeling thorough when I’m weeding, I pick them up, but most of the time it feels futile.

  2. Wow. I love all the detail and texture and the natural story behind these shots. You make those plants and insects look like they have as much of a life as humans do. Great work! keep it up

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