May 21st (garden) pictures

Let me touch briefly down in three different garden-y areas today.

This first picture reveals a wealth of differences in today’s garden compared to last week’s. For one thing, the hose. Feast your eyes upon it. Because of the hose (and its cart) I no longer have to make twenty thousand trips to the spigot every day. I must say there was something kind of nice about watering everything by hand with the watering cans. It made me feel just that much more involved in the care of my plants (or seeds, as the case may be). But with ever-expanding gardens and many other things to do besides irrigate, I had a hankering to cut down on that time a little bit. Not to mention I craved the power afforded by a bajillion-option hose nozzle. Shower, cone, flat, MIST…MY GOD, MIST, FOR MY TENDER SEEDLINGS.

Got a little excited there. Anyway, so aside from the mini watering revolution, there are also some new thin, mulched paths. And there’s a chicken wire fence (in progress). And the beet seedlings are getting bigger (foreground). And the onions are getting really big (background).

1. Things are happening in this picture!

I mentioned the other day that I have seedling-related anxiety. Someday soon I fully expect this to be recognized as a legitimate condition for which I can receive some kind of wicked awesome prescription medication. In the meantime, I just bite my nails and wait. The peas though exceeded my wildest expectations by beginning to emerge, oh, a week ago, I guess it was. I mention all this to let you know how I’ve been procrastinating on the Tippy Teepee Stabilization Project. I’d been meaning to follow up on some good advice from Emilio/The Dispersinator (sorry) on making my jerry-rigged teepee sturdier, and I wanted to do it before the peas had emerged so that — hopefully — I wouldn’t disturb their little root systems too badly. Anyway, today I finally got to it, a goodly week and some days after I planned to. No, I still haven’t learned how to really tie good knots or lash. Yes, it could charitably be described as wonky. But I believe in it! Do your worst, peas. And wind.

2. The Shaking Teepee of Invasive Splendor. (It’s made from buckthorn.) And no, peas — don’t really do your worst. Although do produce a fair amount. Do.

3. Over in Brassica Town, things are going okay, I think. Here is a new kohlrabi leaf.

Now down to the more ornamental garden in the backyard. I haven’t put up a ton of pictures from this garden, because it’s kind of a mess right now. Runaway daylilies and globe allium, invasive crown vetch, some dandelions up to your waist….It needs work. In the middle of it, there’s a trellis, and it’s pretty, only the clematis on one side (formerly doing great) is in terrible shape. But the clematis on the other side looks great.

4. Clematis bud the first

5. Another view of the clematis

6. Clematis bud the second

7. One last view of the clematis. Because why not.

8. In the same garden, the Chinese lanterns are doing simultaneously great and awful. On the one hand, they are spreading like crazy, as they are wont to do. On the other hand, they’ve got spittle bugs, and something is eating them (surely not you, little beetle?), and some of them kind of look like they’ve got a virus.

9. We are going to have a crazy boatload of raspberries one of these days. One of these early, early days. I should mention we are very lucky in having inherited a lane of raspberries, like, eight feet across and fifty or sixty feet long. Maybe longer. I’m pretty crappy at estimating distances. But we have a lot of raspberries. Believe me.


10 thoughts on “May 21st (garden) pictures

  1. Your garden looks pretty impressive already! Don’t forget to electrify that fence. You know, just in case the neighborhood kids get a craving for some beets. 🙂

  2. love the tee pee — all hail the power of The Dispersinator’s advice — looks like you wonked together a pretty good semblance of a tee pee!

  3. Looking great, Sarah! We’re a few months ahead being near the Gulf. I should start pulling tomatoes in just a few days — more than 100 by initial my count. No peaches, pears or plums this year; we think the trees might be recovering from the severe drought last year.

    • Wow, tomatoes already. Someone asked me once why I live in Minnesota if I want to work with plants and dabble in the world of agriculture, and I thought, You are aware we grow things here, right? But then I hear stuff like “tomatoes in May” I start to think maybe I ought to live elsewhere after all. 🙂 Hope the drought conditions are abating this year!

      • Yes…already! I’ve already harvested a crop of pie pumpkins and cooked and eaten them all already. The first of the tomatoes will be any day…

        The Houston area does have its downsides, but growing food year round isn’t one of them! Happy gardening, Sarah.

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