May 21st (roadside) pictures

Went for a short walk this evening just along the road near my house. As always, I found much there to interest me; lots of pretty grasses in bloom. No clue what any of it is, though, and I know next to nothing about grass so I’m not even quite sure where to begin in trying to ID it. Maybe I’ll spend some time over the summer working on that.

1. Horsetail

2. Some kind of aspen


4. More horsetail



7. Crown vetch about to bloom







14. This was about the softest grass I ever felt. This should be in our lawn instead.

15. I guess I live on dead butterfly lane. It’s sad.

16. But, like all the dead butterflies along the road, I’m sure it died of extreme old butterfly age after enjoying a gentle fly alongside the road on a very pleasant evening. Yup.

17. I think it might have been a common buckeye. Not sure — looking at all the pictures on an ID website, the details start blending together, even as I flip back and forth between my pictures and theirs.


12 thoughts on “May 21st (roadside) pictures

  1. Wow, the horsetail is cool Sarah! I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Do you have an insane invasion of army worms/tent caterpillars now? They are EVERYWHERE here, dropping off trees into your hair, all over the house and the sidewalks. I read they are an invasive pest and not sure if they do any good or not or if anything eats them up. Any thoughts?

    • Thanks! I love horsetails; they’re so exotic.

      I haven’t seen quite as many tent caterpillars in one place as you have (they really are something), although I see the tents everywhere. I should know more about tent caterpillars — I remember studying them only a year ago! — but I’ve since forgotten. All I know about them is that they defoliate things like crazy. I don’t think they really have any natural enemies. My friend mentioned that you’re apparently supposed to burn the nests. Here’s a link from the U about them (haven’t actually read it myself, yet):

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