Here’s a post for all you hand model scouts that I know are reading my blog.

So I’ve got this cool garden/farm manicure going.

I never cared too much about my hands looking pretty, although I do like to paint my nails sometimes (color, it’s fun). It is starting to make less and less sense, though, the more time I spend playing in the dirt personally and professionally. In a phenomenon that may be related, I can’t seem to completely wash the dirt off of my hands these days. You can see that on my index finger in the picture below. So don’t scold, because I’m trying. It’s just not coming off.

My thumbnail is a little messed up because I kind of hit it with a mallet this afternoon.

But it’s alright. For contrast, my palms still seem pink with laziness and disuse.

In other urgent news, the next door neighbor’s cat is getting pretty bold. Here she is on our deck.


15 thoughts on “Here’s a post for all you hand model scouts that I know are reading my blog.

  1. If only they made some sort of leather covering for the hands. Maybe molded to the shape of the hand, but still flexible.

    . . . they could call them . . . DigitShields . . . yeah! Then one could say “that fits you like a digitshield!”

    I can see it now; there’s money to be made from this idea.

    • Yeah, yeah, smart guy. Don’t think I don’t have nice green gardening gloves and some beat-up leather ones lying around the house that see their share of action when there’s chicken wire or thistle to be dealt with. But most of the time I don’t wear gloves because they cut down on my dexterity way too much (especially the leather), what with the picking up of small and picky weeds, and when it comes to planting (i.e. Mudfest 2012) it just does no good — it would find its way inside my gloves anyway, and I’d rather just clean my hands to the best of my ability than have to sling around the gunky gloves afterwards.

    • Up until a few days ago I was pretty happily scrubbing my hands with one, and then I got home and saw that it was being used to scrub cleaning stuff into the sink. That was moderately disturbing. Haven’t got a new one since.

  2. Looks like my hands, girl, except I gave up painting a very long time ago. My toes look similar (I’m a chronic bare-footer in my garden). I’m always dirty, but I eat well from my yard!

    • You’re brave! I’m too afraid of the mulch and the rusty stuff and class I occasionally find in the garden. But is it wrong that the real reason I’d considered barefootedness (besides the fact that nice soil warm soil feels good on the feet) is to even out my seriously wonky tan at my ankles?

  3. no gloves…I couldn’t agree more… I never use them…actually kinda hate them…great shots of your hands…they are just hands that have done an awful lot of work!!

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