May 23rd pictures

I will probably be including regular corn updates from here on out, with such folksy commentary as, “Wull, heck, thad’ll be knee-high by da fourt’ a JuhLY fer SHUR.” By the way — well heck, that corn will be knee-high by the fourth of July for sure.

2. The sky was very deep blue and rain-threatening this morning, but not much came of it.

3. The orange poppy in the front yard is about to bloom.

4. The pines along the north side of the house are looking a little scrappy these days.

5. The false indigo is a little past its prime, but then, that has its own appeal too.

6. The rose is gonna bloom too.

Got a call saying not to go to the farm today since there was rain in the forecast. Hasn’t amounted to much at all yet. So I took that opportunity in the morning to go down to the woods for a little bit. I guess it’s been about two weeks or so since the last time I was there, but it looks like about a hundred years have passed. The air’s a-thick with cottonwood seeds, spiderwebs, and hordes of mosquitoes. Much more overgrown. I expected to see a few more wildflowers but bedstraw, this noxious, little tacky viney thing, has really spread over everything.


8. I can’t remember ever seeing the bedstraw utterly overwhelm all the other plants so badly before.

9. Virginia waterleaf with a hunk of cottonwood seed fluff on top

10. Old jack-in-the-pulpit fruit

11. Philadelphia fleabane by the river

12. One of the little ravines

13. One of the big cottonwood rings, now with waist-high plants about it.


22 thoughts on “May 23rd pictures

    • Thank you very much! Yes, roses aren’t my favorites but I do like them, and I like ours more this year considering the tough year it’s been having — it’s been through a couple of harsh frosts and some insect attacks, so it’s nice to see it’s doing well!

  1. Coming back to comment…long week. I also loved the local lingo translation of the first frame. You’re so corny (to steal from your first commenter…the rest kept me giggling). I’m into ‘shrooms right now, so I’m partial to #7, even though it’s lacking any bright coloration. I waxed poetic about fungi in my latest post.

    I’m particularly loving the cloudy day and how the natural muted lighting captures and saturates the chlorophyll-ic varieties (#3, #5, #13). We have not had too many cloudy days here — my favorite times to shoot!

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