May 24th pictures

Today was quite cold and it rained on and off from about 11 on. I made two unsuccessful picture-taking attempts, only lasting about ten seconds outside before the cold and rain scared me back in. Funny how it was alright to bundle up in 87 layers back a few months ago, but now if the temperature dips below about 60 I become mildly affronted and stay inside. When I finally did make it back out, the wind did everything it could to interfere. Well, I’ve got your number, wind. (Literally, 31mph gusts. It felt like about 81. Of course I am easily fooled by having my own hair whipping about in my face.)

1. Water droplets on day lily foliage

2. Fallen maple leaf on front porch. You no like photosynthesis, leaf?

3. The first rose opened on the big bush out front today.

4. Yarrow! I love yarrow. It’s got lovely foliage and nice flat clusters of flowers.


6. I believe this is purple vetch.

7. Pineapple-weed. So cute. So diminutive.

8. See, look how tiny they are. I always find it impressive when stuff is sprouting out of roads and suchlike that seem like they shouldn’t be able to support plants.

9. Some kinda brassica something? I love the little pods.


11. I’m not sure about this, either, but I like the fuzzy foliage.


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