May 25th pictures

Here are some pictures from today’s bike ride on the ole backroads. Slightly contentious weather, but warmer than yesterday. It rained midway through this, but not too badly. I thought it was quite nice, actually.

1. Yarrow and grasses growing on the roadside



4. Bee on yellow sweet clover

5. Ladybug on yellow sweet clover. Or lady beetle or whatever.

6. Curve in the road, the yellow sweet clover is looking quite lovely in its abundance.

7. Still more yellow sweet clover

8. Funny, awesome little bug on yellow goat’s beard

9. Yellow goat’s beard gone to seed. This is like two or three times the size of a dandelion. It’s crazy.

10. Yellow goat’s beard seed head

11. Yellow goat’s beard seed head

12. Yellow goat’s beard foliage. Love the curlies.

13. Yellow goat’s beard



16. Bird-laden telephone pole between horsetails.

17. I think this is alfalfa.

18. Some yellow goat’s beard in the foreground. Or is it? Might just be dandelions. Can’t remember.



21. Little milkweed leaf.


5 thoughts on “May 25th pictures

  1. The sound of grasses blowing in the breeze, drifting seeds into the sky. Colours arrive with the summer sun. Great little walk, and lovely to see the local wild patches being noticed.


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